Beer for your private events

We brew beer for pubs and other licensed premises throughout Shropshire and the surrounding areas. But equally our beers are suitable if you want to serve quality cask ale at your private events:

Beer at Home

Beer at Home

Whether it's your turn to host the next BBQ or you're just having friends or family over we can provide some great tasting ale they're sure to enjoy.

You can choose from a range of packaging and volumes (see below) to suit your group size.

Get in touch today and you'll be enjoying pub quality beer (for a fraction of the price) at your next get together.

Weddings & Other Important Functions

Weddings & Other Important Functions

Every bride deserves the perfect wedding day - so don't disappoint her - order two casks of our finest ale today!

We can cater for private functions of any size - the earlier you let us know the better.

And even if it's last minute we always have beer in stock.

Details and FAQ's

How is the beer supplied?


We offer beer in the following volumes:

  • The Firkin: this is a full cask and carries 72 pints but you'll lose 2 or 3 of these in 'ullages' the waste beer you have to pull through to clear any lines and the pump.
  • The Pin: this is basically half cask sized carrying 36 pints - again you'll lose a couple of pints clearing lines etc.
  • Beer In A Bag: we can 'decant' beer into bags which have their own tap attached and come in a convenient box. We can provide two sizes - 36 pints and 18 pints.
  • It's worth noting that ale supplied in a cask is a 'live' product as it still contains yeast. Beer in a bag has been removed from the cask and is no longer live as the yeast stays in the cask. It is often referred to as 'Bright Beer' and the shelf-life is only two days, whereas cask ale will last longer.

    Delivery or Collection

    If you are local we can deliver your beer provided we agree a suitable time. If you prefer to collect that's fine too - again we'll just agree when.

    How do we store and set up the beer?


    Because Cask Ale is a live product the storage temperature is key - in an ideal pub the cellar will be setup to run at 12 to 13C.

    Naturally this isn't possible everywhere but provided you don't go beyond 15C your beer will be fine.

    If it does get a little warm you can drape a moist towel over the barrel. A little physics (latent heat of vaporisation) will come to the rescue and cool the cask down.

    Cask Ale needs to settle for 24 hours before drinking or you'll be serving your guests very cloudy beer.


    Beer in a bag couldn't really be simpler - imagine a very large wine box and you'll have a pretty accurate idea.

    Similarly, setting up a cask isn't Rocket Science either and we provide very clear printed instructions with cask deliveries.

    We can also provide a tap or hand pump if required.

    Can you work directly with my event planner / venue?

    Working with your Planner or Venue

    If you're planning an important event you may not have time to be talking to us about beer and delivery arrangements.

    If that's the case we'll happily work directly with your venue or event planner and operate under their instruction.

    Either way provided we're given a couple of days notice (even shorter notice can be accomodated most of the time) we'll make sure your beer is perfect on the day.