About the Brewery

Set in the rural village of Roden, just between Shrewsbury and Telford, the Shropshire Legends Brewery is focused on producing outstanding cask ales for the discerning beer drinker.

Using traditional brewing processes and sourcing the finest ingredients our recipes are designed to consistently deliver great reliable flavours time and again.

Brewing Expertise

Brewing Expertise

As well as his passion for real ale our Head Brewer, Mark Nadany, brings with him almost 20 years experience in the brewing industry.

Mark recognises there are already some great breweries in Shropshire but, as a genuine fan of all things ale he says:

There's always room for another great pint or two provided we try to deliver the quality and consistency real ale drinkers expect and deserve from a professional brewery.

Mark Nadany, Head Brewer
The Finest Malt

The Finest Malt

Using a high quality malt is essential to creating cask ale as the malt isn't just the source of the sugars that turn to alcohol in the brewing process - good malts impart the best flavour on the beer.

And it doesn't stop there - the malt in an ale will affect the body, the colour and also the density and retention of the head on the beer.

So in short, Malt is an important consideration for the serious beer drinker. This is why we use Maris Otter malts in our ales as they are renowned for delivering a full rich flavour.

Supporting British Hops

Supporting British Hops

In the same way grapes are integral to a wine, hops go a long way to defining the characteristics of the beer they are used in.

We support British Hops and we're blessed with a huge variety - some with a delicate fruity flavour and others with more intense peppery aroma. Plenty of options from which to craft some really interesting ales.

Whilst we actively support the use of British ingredients we're no strangers to hops from further afield which we'll happily use if we want to achieve a different finish to an ale.

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Shropshire Legends Brewery,
Roden Nurseries,
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